The Newest Hair Craze – Glitter Roots

Have you heard of glitter roots? Absolutely yes, this is a new craze which is loved by Instagram girls. Glitter is also great in your hair parting for an added bit of sparkle!



All you need are a few clear gels, glitter, a bowl, and a brush. To begin with put your gel into the bowl and blend in the glitter. You may use stars, a cool color whatsoever your heart needs. Then get your hair brush and add the glitter by brushing it into your roots!




The glitter provided a quick easy way to cover dark grown-out roots. After that ladies have been fainting over the style that is usually put on using double buns, or two pony-tailed styles to flaunt more highlighting on the glitter.



You can even down-play the trend by putting on it in a slight part or middle part in your normal daily style.




The glitter hair style in general is a wonderful way to get out of your usual routine. Wear it for exciting occasions like your birthday celebration, or even a night with the girls!

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