These Pictures Will Make You Want to Make the Artworks onto Your Hair right now

Hair stenciling is the perfect way to change your look without having to commit to a permanent hair color. With the help of hair chalk and some cleverly applied stencils, you are able to transform your look instantly.

Here are some pictures that you can see 

1.Colorful points 


2.Blonde hair with pastel little points


3.Cloud hair


4.Funny emoji hair 


5. Like a beautiful white dress with the stenciling


6.Leopard Print hair


7.Heart-Shaped hair


8.feather-shaped hair


9.Lace-shaped hair


10.Make the Alphabets on your hair




How to Choose the Right Extensions for Your Hair

Everyone wants to achieve that natural hair extension look.

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Here are some basic but very important points to consider when choosing that piece.

1.Decide on the desired look while bearing in mind what will best suit your features; if in doubt, ask for an opinion.
2.Carefully consider your hair texture. For example, avoid wearing curly hair with a straight extension. It is not attractive and does not speak well of the individual as regards attention to detail.
3.Pay close attention to hair color. There are different shades of black and some have a faded appearance. So unless you are trying to be dramatic, ensure that the extension matches your hair color as closely as possible. That includes any color you decide to wear.
4.Length is also important. This is where your comfort-ability comes in. If you are accustomed to short hair and are not sure about wearing long extensions, go with what you are comfortable with; if you want to be adventurous, that is fully encouraged but remember to get something that will suit you and not someone else. After all, what looks good on one will not look good on all. Focus on accentuating your physical features.
5.Take into account, that the hair extension you choose will be worn for a length of time and should be chosen with occasion suitability in mind.
6 .Ensure that the store you decide to make your hair purchase from is reputable for selling hair and its products.  
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HOW to DYE PEACH PINK HAIR by sayomiku

Hello my lovelies! As you may have seen (it’s hard to miss) I have dyed my hair this wonderful and cute pink, peach, coral, pastel orangey colour – honestly there are so many colours to describe how this hair looks. I love it so much! So many of you have already asked which brands I used and the process etc, so here I am, giving you all the deets!
Brands of dye;
For this exquisite colour, I used a mixture of two different colours from La Rich’e Directions. There’s Pastel Pink which I used for those corally peach tones mixed with Flamingo Pink which ensured that the blonde in my hair was covered.
In terms of ratio; I used 1 part Flamingo Pink, 2 parts Pastel Pink and 4 parts Conditioner to create a pinky creamy colour.
To get hair this light and ready for pastel colours, it needs to be very very blonde. Almost white if you can get it that light. I went from dark brown hair to light blonde in 3 bleaches (bleached my hair 3 times.) My hair is very resistant and strong, thankfully, so I did this over the course of 3 days, ensuring to deeply condition my hair overnight between each bleaching session.
My hair was this shade as seen on Kim (below). If I was to do Purple or Blue then it would need to be more like the second photo before dyeing to ensure your colour comes out perfect; which can be done with a toner.


As for hair extensions, this time I used DONA LOVE HAIR in 24″ 130g. These extensions are so nice and long and super soft.
If you are thinking of dyeing your hair a fashion/unnatural colour then here is a chart of dyes you can buy from the same brand which are also cheap and affordable:ALL COLOUR CHART
My faves are Silver, Coral Red, Pastel Pink, Apricot and Rose Red!

I hope this post was helpful and as always, if you have any questions comment them here.
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day oxoxCc92IiWXEAArY2X