9 steps that Exactly Show How To Use Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions can be a wonderful addition to almost any hairstyle. Whether you’re in the middle of growing out your hair or you just want added fullness and length, it’s important to know some key tricks to ensure your hair extensions look natural and won’t slip out.


Step 1

Lay out your extensions, or “wefts,” on a flat surface, grouping together like sizes,then part your hair wherever you would normally.


Step 2

Section off hair perpendicularly from your part down to your ear.

And then use a hair clip to hold the section in place.Repeat on the opposite side of your head.


Step 3

At the back of your head, section off the bottom inch of hair and clip up the rest of your hair.


Step 4

If you parted your hair on the side, create the next section toward the side with the most hair — not directly in the middle of your head.


Step 5

Snap each extension clip closed on the elastics and smooth hair with fingers or a brush.


Step 6

Create the next section of hair on the side of the head with more hair, about half an inch above the weft.


Step 7

Use one hair elastic and an extension weft with a single clip.


Step 8

Snap the clip closed and smooth the hair with fingers or a brush.


Step 9

On the side of your part with less hair, use one hair elastic for an extension weft with one clip.Snap the clip closed and smooth hair with fingers or a brush. Take down the rest of your hair and style as desired.Finished!


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