Learn From 8 Celebrity bangs to Get Your Best Bangs


It’s best to pick a bang style that suits your face shape and hair type. “Never choose a bang based on a trend,” stresses Kevin Mancuso, hairstylist and Global Creative Director of Nexxus Salon Hair Care. For Emma Stone, her delicate features are allowed to shine through with her longer bangs swept to the side.





Celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate says his favorite bang look for 2016 is a heavy, thicker look like Felicity’s. Here she shows off an edgy, choppy fringe. “I like it when they look like they were cut in a haphazard fashion,” Fugate says.



“When you have fine hair, a light, sweeping bang is ideal—if it’s too thick, it will look heavy and out of place,” says Hill.



“Without a fringe, a center part makes the face look longer and narrower than it really is, especially when the rest of your hair hangs down over your ears,” says Hill. “By keeping her fringe chunky, Alexa adds width across her forehead and still shows off her eyes.” She wears them here split open in the middle, giving her a youthful, sexy look.



Emma Watson recently debuted her new, deconstructed bangs. “Perfectly pretty is not right for the current look,” says Mancuso, adding that undone bangs are really having a moment right now.



When styling your bangs, Fugate says not to use a brush. “Use your hands to pull and sculpt them.



For bolder looks like Cristin’s distressed bob, the best thing is to style dry with your fingers (using a leave-in conditioner). If needed, use a curling iron to bend and twist the bangs to create turns and unevenness in the hair, advises Mancuso.



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HOW to DYE PEACH PINK HAIR by sayomiku

Hello my lovelies! As you may have seen (it’s hard to miss) I have dyed my hair this wonderful and cute pink, peach, coral, pastel orangey colour – honestly there are so many colours to describe how this hair looks. I love it so much! So many of you have already asked which brands I used and the process etc, so here I am, giving you all the deets!
Brands of dye;
For this exquisite colour, I used a mixture of two different colours from La Rich’e Directions. There’s Pastel Pink which I used for those corally peach tones mixed with Flamingo Pink which ensured that the blonde in my hair was covered.
In terms of ratio; I used 1 part Flamingo Pink, 2 parts Pastel Pink and 4 parts Conditioner to create a pinky creamy colour.
To get hair this light and ready for pastel colours, it needs to be very very blonde. Almost white if you can get it that light. I went from dark brown hair to light blonde in 3 bleaches (bleached my hair 3 times.) My hair is very resistant and strong, thankfully, so I did this over the course of 3 days, ensuring to deeply condition my hair overnight between each bleaching session.
My hair was this shade as seen on Kim (below). If I was to do Purple or Blue then it would need to be more like the second photo before dyeing to ensure your colour comes out perfect; which can be done with a toner.


As for hair extensions, this time I used DONA LOVE HAIR in 24″ 130g. These extensions are so nice and long and super soft.
If you are thinking of dyeing your hair a fashion/unnatural colour then here is a chart of dyes you can buy from the same brand which are also cheap and affordable:ALL COLOUR CHART
My faves are Silver, Coral Red, Pastel Pink, Apricot and Rose Red!

I hope this post was helpful and as always, if you have any questions comment them here.
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day oxoxCc92IiWXEAArY2X

Hot Hair Color Styles, The Latest Hair color Choice From Hairstylists

To me, Spring is my favorite season. It is the season for color, for fun!!! If you are looking for new hair color inspirations for the coming season, this post is definitely prepared for you. Here, we collect over some fabulous new hair dye works from popular hairstylists. I think there must be one style kindle all your passion on hair color~