5 Fantastic Holiday Party Hairdos That Take less than 10 Minutes

We know better than anyone that the checklist for planning a holiday party can seem endless. And even though you’re a seasoned prepper and master hostess, somewhere in between setting up string lights, baking the cookies and placing the party straws next to the bowl of eggnog, you lost track of the time dedicated to getting YOU party ready. Your holiday hair can be hacked, too! Just lean on these 15 hair tutorials for stunning styles that each take 10 minutes or less to perfect with minimal products and tools, so there’s zero time wasted and even a few secs to spare before that doorbell rings.

Updo Hairstyles For Straight Hair Updo Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair With Fine Hair - Women Medium Haircut

1.  Wrapped Up Bun

This might be the easiest twist on a traditional chignon, especially since this sleek style works best on second-day hair. It legit takes minutes to pull your locks halfway through your hair tie and wrap the loose ends around the base.



2. Thin Black Bow

Here’s another case where some holiday-centric resourcefulness can land you with a party-ready do in seconds. Snip off an extra foot of red ribbon and practice your gift wrapping skills up there.


3. Knotted Crown Hair

Here’s another anti-braid braid that yields a beyond-dreamy look from the same motion it takes to tie your shoes. Slip into heels and make these the only strands you have to tie this evening.


4. Starry Hairpin

Once you’ve shouted “Cooooming!” at the door, you’ve got seconds before your head-to-toe reveal. In desperate times like these, fall back on a standout hairpin that can instantly amp up your locks as soon as it’s clipped in.



5. Zig Zag Part

Switching up your part is probably the easiest way to transform your look on the fly, so try this unexpected, uneven style that dresses up everything from loose curls to a slick updo.



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How to get Beautiful Curls Using a Curling Iron

Adore curly hairstyles? Check out those great ideas and the steps of tutorials you will surely learn something, still you can also enjoy the magnificent gallery which is interspersed among.









Now you can get a curling iron in many stores,but it do make it easier for you to get some curls without relying on your barber.Let’s do it.


Heat up the curling iron.



Make sure your hair is completely dry.
Play it safe, and completely dry your hair first. Run a blowdryer over any damp spots. (Although, try to wait it out. Depending on your hair thickness, this may take time. But, if you want to reduce heat on your hair, you can wait. However, if using a blow drying is the best option for you, keep it on a cool setting.)


Brush out any tangles while the iron heats up.
Start at the end of your hair and brush out the bottom few inches or centimeters, then work your way up until you can easily brush through the length of your hair. This reduces damage to you hair like split ends, fallout, etc.


Apply a heat protection spray.

If you regularly use heat to style your hair, it’s really important that you use a heat protection spray. It will protect your hair from the damage caused by exposure to high temperatures and prevent it from becoming dry and frazzled looking. Just spray it liberally all over your hair before curling.

  • Heat protector sprays can be found at most drug stores and hair salons.



Split your hair into sections.

Even if you have thin hair, you’ll get better results if you work with small sections of hair. That way, you can make sure you’re curling everything and curl in a more uniform style.

  • Remember that using bigger sections of hair will result in bigger, looser curls, while using smaller sections of hair will give you smaller, tighter ringlets.



Start curling.

Begin by taking a small section of hair and wrap it around the curling iron, beginning at the top or bottom, depending on the type of tongs:

  • Some curling irons will have a clamp near the handle. Open the clamp and position the end of the hair at the lower end of the barrel, near the handle, then close the clamp to secure. Then you can wrap that entire section of hair around the iron.


  • Other curling irons, often referred to as wands, don’t have a clamp. With this type of iron, you should start near the top of your hair and use your hand to wrap a piece of hair around the iron.




Hold the iron in place.

You will need to hold the curling iron with the hair wrapped around it for a few seconds, while the hair heats up and curls.

  • Play around to find a time that creates a perfect curl with your iron, but remember to start out with a lower time to prevent your hair from burning.
  • After 10 seconds, let go of your hair to release the curl.



Move on to the next curl.
Once you are happy with how your first curl turned out, move on to the next piece of hair and do the same steps as before. Make sure that you wrap all the curls around the iron in the same direction, so the curls will look uniform.
Then you can totally master the skills and make pretty curls with your own hand.Try to innovate your styling hair of your taste!


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How to Choose A Hair Style for Your Face Shape

What do you talk to your stylist about when you’re sitting in the hairdresser contemplating your next haircut? Perhaps you mention how greasy your hair gets, whether it tangles easily, how fine, flyaway or perhaps coarse your hair type is. All are factors that’ll help your stylist choose the right sort of cut for you, but do you ever talk about your face shape?The truth is that the dimensions of your face play a major role in how well any style will suit you. It’s all well and good taking a picture of Taylor Swift and her new sleek bob with you to the hairdresser, but the length, style and cut might not transpose in quite the way you’d like unless you have the same sort of face shape.

Firstly ,please make a rough judgment to your face shape .


If you have a long face 


“You can wear your hair long, but not too long. If you have a long face paired with long hair that’s parted in the centre your face will just appear longer.”


“If you have a long face take advantage of the fact that you can rock a strong fringe. Loose waves are also a pretty way to style hair around a long face as they add width and dimension.”


If you have a round face:


“Definitely steer clear of any type of bob. A jaw-length style will only draw attention to and serve to accentuate any fullness or roundness around the jaw.”


“A longer style with soft graduated layers that incorporate height and volume will be the most flattering style. This will also lend itself to movement within the style and will give the illusion of added length to the face. When you’re blow-drying, ensure you use a round-barrelled brush to give height at the root and prevent hair falling flat at the crown.”


If you have an oval face shape:


“Oval face shapes can wear pretty much any style, but to keep it flattering don’t grow your hair too long as it’ll make your face look longer.”


“The great thing about an oval face shape is that you can wear pretty much any style as it’s the most balanced and well proportioned face shape. I would suggest going for a textured bob as it’s bang on trend. It looks great against this face shape and it’s incredibly easy to maintain.”

NEW YORK - JUNE 05: Model Natalia Vodianova backstage at the 2006 CFDA Awards ceremony at the New York Public Library June 5, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images for CFDA)

If your face is square:


“The style you absolutely want to avoid is any kind of blunt cut. Especially a blunt fringe. Just, no! Any kind of blunt finish will emphasise the already angular shape of your face.”


“When you have a square-shaped face you can use your hairstyle to counteract the angles of the jawline to create a softer look. Sweeping side fringes work really well to do this, as do soft waves. Try using a wide-barrelled tong to create movement being sure to curl the hair away from your face.”


If you have a heart-shaped face:


“With heart-shaped faces the bottom half of your face is narrower than the top half, so avoid a cut that’s top heavy – like a blunt fringe – as this will just dwarf the rest of your face.”


“One of the characteristics of heart-shaped faces is usually good, sharp cheekbones. You can emphasise these with your cut by choosing a style with a side parting as this will frame the face. Additionally some light balayage around the face will look really pretty.”


If your face is Diamond-shaped:


“Avoid cuts that end at your jawline or that are too long as this will draw the eye to the lower half of your face and may make it seem narrower.”


“A fringed pixie cut will help balance out your jawline. Make sure you add as much volume and width at the temples when you style hair.”


Hope these tips are useful for you .

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The Hottest Balayage Hair Styles for You

Balayage is a French colouring technique that was developed in the 1970s. It’s a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. Balayage can be used in even the shortest pixie crop however the best results is in hair below the shoulders.

Here are some gorgeous Hottest Balayage hair in 2016 ,hope these can inspire your next hair color.

1. Golden Brown:


2.Dramatic Red Ombre:


3. Cool Blonde:




5.Snowy Blonde:


6.Ash Blonde


7.Highlighted Gray :


8.Pefect Balayage Hair


9.Lovely Lavender:


10.Pastel Pink:


11.Multi-tonal Burgundy


12.Fire Red and Blonde



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Movie Charactors Inspired hair styles that you can try

Not with so many interesting movies and TV shows and all these amazing movie inspired hairstyles worth figuring out! But wait, don’t tell me you’ve never wished to give a certain movie hairstyle a go?
Well, let me just say that you won’t be able to resist these following amazing hair styles :

















This seems very hard to make


But here is a easy way to make it  ,make three braids like this and the braids these three braids ,the same effect as the first one .







7 Tips to teach You How to Wear a Wig

Many of our customers come to ask us why their wigs are becoming tangled and messed up just after several month using . We just want to tell them no matter how the quality of the wigs is ,they all need to be cared just like our own hair . The following advice maybe can help you .


1.How to Put Your Wig On

Gently shake the wig to fluff the style. Identify the front and the back of the wig. The label always goes in the back. Notice the adjustable tabs inside of the wig. They can be adjusted if the fit is too loose or to tight.

Place your wig on a flat surface in front of you so that you are looking down inside of the wig. The label should be at the top (the back of the wig). Grasp the wig by the ear tabs on the side of the wig and flip the wig over the top of your head. Slip the wig on, starting at the front hairline and working towards the back. The front of the wig should sit where your hairline is (approximately 4 finger widths from the top of your eyebrows). Gently rock the wig back and forth until it is sitting on your front hairline. Do not grab the wig by the hairs, but handle the wig from the base of the cap. Be especially careful of hand tied areas and do not pull on these areas when putting on your wig.


2.How to Style Your Wig

Just style it as your own hair .But pls do remember that if your synthetic wig is not made of high resistance silk ,pls don’t put heat on it .

And here is a video that can teach you how to wear and style your lace front wig .

3. How to Make your Wig More Comfortable

Choose the right cap size for your head ,this will let your wig more suitable for you and will not to tight or fall out from you head .

Make to wear the wig cap before you wear the wig ,this will absorb the sweat and can make the wig combs comb into it ,make your wig more steady on your head .



4. How to make your wig more natural looking 

If you have very long thick hair you need to braids your hair first and twist in on your head then use some boby pins to pin it on your head .

Then put the wig on ,if your wig is lace front wig you can put some concealer or eye shadow which can match with your skin tone on the parting ,this will make the lace color look more like your scalp.

Style it to any style you want  .


5.How to brush your wig 

Brush it with de-tangling or wide teeth brush carefully from the bottom and slowly brush it until it is all smooth and silky .

Do not brush your wig when it is wet. This will stretch and permanently damage the hair fibers. Use only brushes and combs that are designed specifically for synthetic wigs. Your regular hairbrush or comb is not will stretch and stress the fibers.



6.How to wash the wig 

Pre-Wash: Gently brush the wig thoroughly with a wig comb or brush to remove any tangles.

Shampooing Your Wig: Add one tablespoon of wig shampoo to a sink or basin filled with cold water.

Conditioning Your Wig: After you have washed your wig, you are ready to condition it. The wig should still be wet from washing. Apply a small amount of wig conditioner to your hands and rub together. Carefully work the conditioner through the hair, avoiding the cap.

Drying Your Wig:  Blot excess water with a towel. Do not squeeze or wring. Air dry your wig on a wig stand.

Washing Frequency:  For maximum life, it is recommended that you wash your wig every 6-8 wearings.


7. How to store your wig

  • Place your wig away from heat, dust or any other environmental condition that may cause it damage. It is best to keep your wig in a clean place and in an open space. Only when traveling should a wig be placed in an enclosed area.
  • Store your wig in high places away from pets and children. You don’t want your wig to be ruined by cats using it as a toy or children wanting to play dress up with it.
  • Purchase a wire rack to store your wig. This is an alternative to the Styrofoam head idea. The wire rack will allow for air to circulate throughout your wig and keep it smelling fresh.
  • Place your wig very carefully in a portable travel storage container when you take trips. This type of device can support and protect your wig. This will be best so that the wig does not get crushed or lose its shape during your travels.






How to Color A Synthetic Wig

Have you ever had problems with not being able to find the perfect shade of hair color for a character you’re dressing up as? If you have encountered problems with the color of a synthetic wig, this article can help you solve the problem with a bit of D.I.Y.

1.Gather the Things You’ll Need, listed below.

Where you can get the materials:

COPIC ( or the ink )

Here we pick the COPIC to talk about . Most Art or Craft shops would carry the COPIC line as these are quite popular with artists. They come in a REALLY wide range of colors, so you do not have to worry about not being able to get a shade you want.


70% Isopropyl Alcohol (found in any health wellness section of anystore)

A bottle of these would only cost about 6USD. Surgical Latex Gloves can be found at most pharmacies.


a synthetic wig 

Better with light color (white or blonde are the best ),this will be more easy to dye . And pls make the hair style you want before you dye it .  And pls don’t not try this on any human hair wigs cause this will do damage to the human hair .

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2. You can make the hair dye now 

Here we use a blue dye to talk about .

Squeeze about 5ml of Blue Marker Ink onto a dish. Lightly dip one flat EDGE of the sponge into the ink, making sure that it has soaked up a moderate amount. The entire edge should have absorbed the ink BUT it should NOT drip.

Lift an approximate 2″(5cm) width of hair starting directly from the root of the parting with the forefinger and middle finger of your less dominant hand.

And then Squeeze more ink as you need along the way. Do not leave the ink lying on the dish as it dries out very quickly.ake the other clean sponge and a new dish.Use the Darker Blue ink to give the hair ‘low lights’. Go over the Blue with the Darker Blue in some underlying layers of the hair or streak the fringe and sides.This is to create some depth, so that your wig will not look like a pile of flat colored plastic.Follow the same technique so as not to overdo it.

Keep on dyeing it till the entire wig meet your  expectation



Tips :

1.Change into your old clothing, in case of staining.

2.Find a well-ventilated but not excessively windy workspace.

3.Lay newspapers on the working surfaces of your furniture and floor.
4.Set up your Wig Stand on a dry, newspaper-covered, flat and stable place.
5.Put on your Gloves and Mask or the color will hold on your hand for a long time .

3. Air dry the wig 

Leave the wig out to air for 2 to 3 days. This removes the smell of the marker ink .
And here is a tutorial which use our wig  SNY040  to make Harley Quinn wig  ,hope this can help you create a beautiful hair dye .


The Best Braids Hair Style for The Hot Summer

Braids are an easy and so pleasant way to forget about hair styling for months, give your hair some rest and protect it from harsh environmental factors. Besides, with the awesome hairstyles listed below you will attract attention, admiring glances and sincere smiles.

Braided hairstyles make space for creativity. There are many interesting braiding techniques to make every head unique.Here are some pictures you can see.

1.Braids on the top of your head


2.Single fluffy braid


3.Multi-strand braid


4.Natural princess braids4

5.Side braids


6.Red braided bun


7.This Renaissance-inspired braid


8.Braid twist on your head


9.Dutch braid


Learn From 8 Celebrity bangs to Get Your Best Bangs


It’s best to pick a bang style that suits your face shape and hair type. “Never choose a bang based on a trend,” stresses Kevin Mancuso, hairstylist and Global Creative Director of Nexxus Salon Hair Care. For Emma Stone, her delicate features are allowed to shine through with her longer bangs swept to the side.





Celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate says his favorite bang look for 2016 is a heavy, thicker look like Felicity’s. Here she shows off an edgy, choppy fringe. “I like it when they look like they were cut in a haphazard fashion,” Fugate says.



“When you have fine hair, a light, sweeping bang is ideal—if it’s too thick, it will look heavy and out of place,” says Hill.



“Without a fringe, a center part makes the face look longer and narrower than it really is, especially when the rest of your hair hangs down over your ears,” says Hill. “By keeping her fringe chunky, Alexa adds width across her forehead and still shows off her eyes.” She wears them here split open in the middle, giving her a youthful, sexy look.



Emma Watson recently debuted her new, deconstructed bangs. “Perfectly pretty is not right for the current look,” says Mancuso, adding that undone bangs are really having a moment right now.



When styling your bangs, Fugate says not to use a brush. “Use your hands to pull and sculpt them.



For bolder looks like Cristin’s distressed bob, the best thing is to style dry with your fingers (using a leave-in conditioner). If needed, use a curling iron to bend and twist the bangs to create turns and unevenness in the hair, advises Mancuso.



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