Hot Summer with Cool Denim Hair Color

Every time you turn around, there’s another vivid hair color trend around the corner. From aurora borealis hair to rainbow underlights, the past year has seen a ton of bright dyes all over the place. But now there’s a new trend in town known as “denim hair” — and it’s a much quieter way to wear an unnatural shade.

Do you think these color will be gorgeous in your hair ?


Here are some photos can show you .

1.Dark denim color .9

2.Light blue denim clor


3.Grey denim color


4.Mixed denim color


Do you think this is amazing and here are some hair styles with denim hair color will give you another cool feeling .Want that hair color so bad now .

5.Denim hair color +Duch braid


6.Denim hair color +High Bun


7.High pony tail


What do you think about it ?Do you think we should make one of this hair ?

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