Sun Bun: The New tie-dye Hair Technique Super Hot in The Hairstylist’ Social Medias

There’s nothing we love more than a fun hair trend, and this one’s a new favorite. Sun Bun is the perfect way to rock brave pastel hair this summer.

1.Brush through hair and split into six even segments and tie it into many little pieces ,the more pieces it has the more colors it will be.


2.Secure each segment into a bun with a clip ,not to tight better make them to loose buns,this will make sure the color is more easy to dye .


3.Apply different color dyes to each bun – it’s a great technique for use of multiple colors as it gives a marble effect


4.Leave for 10 minutes


5.Unwrap each bun and wash the color out .


7.Rinse and style as normal ,this is the final look .


If you want to do this Sun bun hair at home pls bleach your hair in advance .

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The Hottest Balayage Hair Styles for You

Balayage is a French colouring technique that was developed in the 1970s. It’s a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. Balayage can be used in even the shortest pixie crop however the best results is in hair below the shoulders.

Here are some gorgeous Hottest Balayage hair in 2016 ,hope these can inspire your next hair color.

1. Golden Brown:


2.Dramatic Red Ombre:


3. Cool Blonde:




5.Snowy Blonde:


6.Ash Blonde


7.Highlighted Gray :


8.Pefect Balayage Hair


9.Lovely Lavender:


10.Pastel Pink:


11.Multi-tonal Burgundy


12.Fire Red and Blonde



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Gorgeous mermaid hair post by @mermaidians

1.Ice Cold!


2.Lilac Unicorn!


3.Hair is Art!


4.Looove this minty green hair! this is a wig made by@donalovehair! Their wigs are beautiful 💚


5.How gorgeous is this curly pink wig?! By @donalovehair!💖 Check out our page and site full of beauty! Wig by: 🌸@donalovehair 🌸


6.Silver Pastel Twist!


7.Creative Braid!




9.Prismatic Pixels!


10.Moody Mermaid!


11.Purple Perfection!



Fantastic Ombre Hair Color Ideas To Inspire Your Next Look

1.Lilac with Blonde

Ombre hair can be bold, or not. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless. If going with a bold, bright colored look, pair your hue with an opposing color for hi def contrast.



2.Effortlessly Cool Ombre

We are huge, HUGE suckers for this entire look. The bold contrast from dark to light just screams “Effortlessly cool!” This style is easy to maintain and gives you an instantly done-up look regardless of what you choose to do with it.



3.Perfectly Blonde Ombre

We absolutely adore Lauren Conrad and would gladly refer to her as a beauty icon of our time. In this look, Lauren perfectly adapts the ombre trend to suit her own style and hair color. To make this look your own, stay within the range of your hair’s natural color and enjoy!



4.Natural Brown Ombre Locks

We totally understand – sometimes you just want to change up your hairstyle without going bold and wild. That’s where this look comes into play. The perfect variation of the ombre hair trend, this natural brown look is perfect for a hairstyle that is subtle, yet different.



5.Reverse Ombre

Ombre hair doesn’t have to follow the standard dark-to-light gradient. Switch it up by going from light-to-dark with this look! This hairstyle is a guaranteed head turner.



6.Juxtaposed Ombre

Not for the faint of heart, this look is best reserved for the bold and courageous. A beautiful hair color that is sure to grab everyone’s attention.




7.Smoldering Red Ombre

This beautiful red ombre look gives off a smoldering, dying embers color. We love the dark hue and feel this is the perfect combination of bold and delicate.



8.Silver Pastel Ombre

This look is so feminine, elegant and beautiful. We love how well the cut and color go together and how incredibly versatile this hair color is.



9.The Fiery Ombre Look

This look is the perfect look for our short-haired gals! The best way to change it up this summer is by going bold with this fiery red ombre hair color. With this style, you’ll be giving the sun a run for its money!



10.Caramel Ombre Hair

This look is so elegant and adds just the right amount of color, giving off a shimmery look perfect for those golden summer nights.


11. Discrete Ombre

This look is a natural approach to what can be considered an unnatural hair color. The discrete ombre look provides just enough color to change your style without sacrificing your personality.


Hot Hair Color Styles, The Latest Hair color Choice From Hairstylists

To me, Spring is my favorite season. It is the season for color, for fun!!! If you are looking for new hair color inspirations for the coming season, this post is definitely prepared for you. Here, we collect over some fabulous new hair dye works from popular hairstylists. I think there must be one style kindle all your passion on hair color~