7 Useful Tips for Perfect Party Hair

1. Give Hot Rollers a Go
You know those leave-in heated curlers? The ones that come in a big box that you don’t know where to put? They’re amazing!  If you don’t have a lot of time, you put those in and leave them for about 10 minutes. You just pull them out, and your hair’s totally styled.



2. Long-Hair is a must
I think there’s something really powerful about having a lot of hair around you.You made a promise to yourself  never to mess with your hair again—and it’s grown to her waist since. It depends on how you’re dressed, what makeup you have on, and how you style it.Long hair is a really feminine statement.You can totally imagine the scene that you hold the mike like a pop star during the party.


3. Give your hair a good care
First things first: If you’re going to be styling your hair every day, you’d know that you can heat-style and have healthy hair,but it’s about being gentle. Avoid going over and over the same areas with a flat iron and other hot tools day after day. And a good comb matters.  Just make sure you don’t brutalize your hair with it!


4. Get Glamorous Curls
For major body, work in a lightweight styler and blow hair dry. Next, wind 1-inch strips around a 2-inch curling iron, then pin and set for 15 minutes. The longer you leave it, the better the style will hold.Uncoil the pieces, shake out (don’t brush!), then finish with a blast of hairspray.


5. Get a Chunky Fishtail Braid
Pull all your hair to one side of your neck, then split into two parts. Bring a small section of hair from the first part, and pull over to the second. Next, pull another small section from the second part and connect with the first. Continue until you reach the end.


6. Fake Length
At-home extensions can be believable, but they take a bit of work. Get the clip-on type—human hair is best and have your colorist dye to your hair color. blending is what makes them look real!


7. Effortlessly Accessorize Your Style
To accessorize your look in 30 seconds, gather hair at the crown to build volume and pin back, creating the loose half-up, half-down effect seen opposite. Complete the style with a cluster of barrettes on one side.


Now see you, how gorgeous! Try to make a good use of these 7 easy and useful tips, let yourself appear in the doorway like an falling angel and being the center of the whole party the second.

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