7 Adorable Hairstyles With Bangs for a week

Never get tired of your fringe! These cute styles prove just how versatile your ‘do is.


Sunday: Bold Braid

Everything You Need to Know About Texture and according styles of Human and Synthetic hair

So,you need some ABC about textures and according styles of hair to make a gorgeous hairstyle or choose a kind of wig that suits you.But you find it not easy to make it.Don’t worry,this guide is actually for you guys!


Textures of synthetic hair

Textures of synthetic hair vary from very straight to extremely curly, or kinky. But they usually can’t resist high temperatures ,so the styles will be limited.The exact names of curl patterns vary by brand, and the possibilities of curl patterns with synthetic hair are endless, but some examples of packaged textures include:

  • Silky Straight – Straight and smooth, East Asian like hair.


  • Yaki – Straight, usually mimicking the texture of relaxed Afro-Caribbean hair.


  • Deep Wave – While generally not a true ‘wave’, it can be made to look like spiral curls hair.


  • Loose Deep Wave or Romance Wave – Looser version of the deep wave, softer, more romantic curls.


  • Wet and Wavy, can be packaged as Spanish Wave or Indian Wave – Usually human hair is used, and is either naturally curly or permanently waved to appear so. Characterized as having soft, natural-looking curls that revert to a curly state when wet.


Textures of human hair

Textures of human hair vary from very straight to extremely curly, or kinky. and all the naturally occurring textures that are in-between. As the Human hair can be exposed to high temperatures,the styles are not limited and can be created as you like.The exact curl patterns vary by person and so the possibilities of curl patterns with true raw hair are endless.

  • Coarse or smooth Straight – Straight with or with a wave.


  • Curly Wave – similar to the look and feel of spiral curls hair.


  • Deep Wave – Looser version of the deep wave.


  • ‘In between textures‘ that occur naturally in raw,virgin human hair.


Above all these,of course there are plenty of other types of styles of different textures.But most of them only differ in color and waves.If you fully understand the above types you can “play” and create by combining colors and curves!

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How to Master The Grey Hair Trend

The grey hair trend has taken the beauty world by storm. Celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Ellie Goulding have all been spotted rocking the statement colour both on and off the red carpet.

If you’re thinking of changing your hait to a silver grey hue, make sure to check out our top seller hair for mastering the trend below first…

12716706_491919487658295_656991287_n 12543114_599170810236719_415174448_n




Hey hey little cats! Great news, I have a new wig post for you! This time I introduce you my wig from the shop Donalovehair.
My decision fell on this green long haired wig. It came with a really cool comb, a wig cap of course and a super cute hair bow clip!
I’m really happy about the color and quality. The customer service is also so awesome and this wig here is a customized one so you can even go for specific wishes!
As you can see the hair is curly. I prefer straight or wavy wigs so I straightened mine a bit which was pretty easy and turned out great.
IMG_9192 IMG_9195 IMG_9237 IMG_9238 IMG_9253 IMGP1351


“A bit more “normal” look today. I got this absolutely lovely wig from Donalovehair yesterday, and I wanted to try something pretty with it. Although, I think every beauty blogger looks exactly like this, so I feel kinda boring.. or like, in disguise 😀 Well anyway, it seems many liked this look based on Instagram comments I’ve gotten today, and when I went to visit mall today I got tons of compliments about how lovely my hair was. It was hard to keep poker face, since it’s a wig, but somehow I managed haha.”



It’s that time of year again when everything getting colder, our sudden newfound desire flat-out need for a different hair color. The thing is, we all want to go different, but it’s still hard to make a decision which hair color you should try, right? Here are several examples of colors all trending this winter — are subtle, but should completely satisfy your urge to change up your look with the seasons. So scroll through to find your new, darker hue!

💖Dark Roots with Blonde Highlight Wavy Hair

sexy-blonde-highlight-long-wavy-lace-front-human-hair-wig-hh006 (1)new-arrival-black-ombre-blonde-highlight-lace-front-human-hair-wig-hh015

💖Gorgeous Chestnut and Blonde Bob hair

Flawless Pale Color Straight Hair


So which hair color and style you have now? And tell us your dream winter hair in comments below.

2016 Hair Color Trends You Need to Know Before Changing Your Hair Color

Do you have hair appointment coming up? While you’re feverishly looking for a new haircut, take an even bolder step-go for a new color too. If you don’t want to damage your own hair, you may want to try wigs. We collect hot synthetic wigs rocked by donalove gurus.


Salmon Pink Wig rocked by babe @aimeejadore

10684173_893121534095805_2072025987_n - 副本

Navy Blue Wig rocked by babe @_katyykatt_


Peach Pink Curly wig rocked by babe @_aimeepotter_


Classic Black wig rocked by babe @jessicahazemua


Bright Blue wig rocked by babe @tiffanymamone