Super Easy Hairband Braid Guide

Every girl loves a good braid. We happen to love crazy-good, next level, totally epic braids. Which is exactly what we found for our hairband braid guide. Scroll through for the braid inspiration you need this season!


My hair routine is usually pretty basic: I wash my hair, braid it, and let it be. Kind of boring, right? But on the odd occasion, I find it nice to add something a bit different to my typical look – like an easy braided hairband.

Holiday parties in particular are a perfect excuse to try out a new hairstyle and have a bit more fun with your look. And, since the holidays are right around the corner I thought it was the perfect time to share my super simple and Easy Hairband Braid Tutorial.


If you’re like me and tend to stick to the basics with your hairstyling, than you’re going to love this tutorial because it is so simple and so easy to recreate at home. There are so many braid tutorials out there that I love, but when I’ve tried them out myself I feel like I need an instructor and some helping hands nearby to actually create the look. The fact is if I need assistance creating a hairstyle, I probably will just pass on it altogether.


I can honestly say that this hair style takes me less than 10 minutes to complete, and that includes the time I spend curling my hair after I get the braid in place. Also, you won’t need to ask for a friend or family member help – this hairstyle is a 1-person job! Easy peasy, right?



Blonde hair is very easy to make it look like a princess style.But the colorful hair will never lose anyway.You can try modern red and brown and then make a perfect hairband braid!

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Street style is always of our most interest.Don’t you want be jealously talked by the passer-by or be taken pics by the photographers?Can’t wait to walk out on the street!

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Hairband Braids are mostly for wedding or bride hair with a single bummortment of romantic atmosphere.These can also add some Asian element of style when your hair is piled up high.



A Few Tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to use LOTS of hair clips.
  • Hair Spray will help keep your braid from wiggly around lots, and will hold your hair in place so that the clips and extension clips aren’t visible.


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