5 Fantastic Holiday Party Hairdos That Take less than 10 Minutes

We know better than anyone that the checklist for planning a holiday party can seem endless. And even though you’re a seasoned prepper and master hostess, somewhere in between setting up string lights, baking the cookies and placing the party straws next to the bowl of eggnog, you lost track of the time dedicated to getting YOU party ready. Your holiday hair can be hacked, too! Just lean on these 15 hair tutorials for stunning styles that each take 10 minutes or less to perfect with minimal products and tools, so there’s zero time wasted and even a few secs to spare before that doorbell rings.

Updo Hairstyles For Straight Hair Updo Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair With Fine Hair - Women Medium Haircut

1.  Wrapped Up Bun

This might be the easiest twist on a traditional chignon, especially since this sleek style works best on second-day hair. It legit takes minutes to pull your locks halfway through your hair tie and wrap the loose ends around the base.



2. Thin Black Bow

Here’s another case where some holiday-centric resourcefulness can land you with a party-ready do in seconds. Snip off an extra foot of red ribbon and practice your gift wrapping skills up there.


3. Knotted Crown Hair

Here’s another anti-braid braid that yields a beyond-dreamy look from the same motion it takes to tie your shoes. Slip into heels and make these the only strands you have to tie this evening.


4. Starry Hairpin

Once you’ve shouted “Cooooming!” at the door, you’ve got seconds before your head-to-toe reveal. In desperate times like these, fall back on a standout hairpin that can instantly amp up your locks as soon as it’s clipped in.



5. Zig Zag Part

Switching up your part is probably the easiest way to transform your look on the fly, so try this unexpected, uneven style that dresses up everything from loose curls to a slick updo.



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💖💖Having a black to gray wavy wig makes you from cooler to the coolest. @lunarsirenn


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Your Personal Guide to Winter Hair Care

Holliday season is upon us. The time of year, when we need our hair to look its best, but low temperature, cold wind and snow can damage it easily. That’s why The Right Hairstyles provides you with 7 Essential Hair Care Routines that will keep your hair shiny and healthy this harsh winter.


1. First things first, KEEP WASHING YOUR HAIR TO A MINIMUM. Cutting it down to 2-3 times a week would prevent your hair from drying out too much. Everyday wash, in combination with freezing weather outside, can lead to extreme damage of your hair, causing dandruff, itchiness and hair breakage.


2. KEEP IT LUKEWARM, your hair and scalp would appreciate it. Try to hold off on rinsing for a few extra minutes and stick to lukewarm or cooler water since heat makes you lose moisture faster.


3. MOISTURISE IT! Cold winds, dry air, low temperature…. All this is soaking the shine and energy out of your hair. Conditioning is extremely important, but in winter months it becomes part and parcel of your hair care routine. Things such as a hair dryer and winter air deplete moisture from hair and scalp. We recommend you to deep-nourish your hair once a week and use a leave-in conditioner or hair oil on a regular basis.


4. DRY IT RIGHT. Try not to over dry your hair, as too much heat will cause moisture loss, but also, if you will ever decide to leave the house with slightly wet hair – think twice. Going outside in winter with hair that is not dried properly can lead to a bunch of problems not only with hair and scalp, but also with your general health condition. So, whether you take some extra minutes to use a hair dryer or let your hair dry naturally, just make sure it happens before you leave the house.


5. NO-HEATED APPLIANCES POLICY. Your hair is being tortured enough with constant temperature changes, heat from hair dryers, cold wind, etc. So, try to avoid a curling iron, a flat iron and even a blow dryer as much as possible. If you do not imagine your happy life without them, consider using some good quality heat protect spray.


6. TRIM half an inch every 6-8 month if you are maintaining length. This will prevent breakage from moving up the hair and will promote healthy hair and its growth.


7. COVER UP! Hat, scarf, wool beanie… whatever makes you happy. Just keep your hair covered from all of those external irritants. Optionally, use a silk scarf before putting on a hat or beanie, that will protect your hair from the damage caused by the hat rubbing against your hair and will cut down on the static.


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Super Easy Hairband Braid Guide

Every girl loves a good braid. We happen to love crazy-good, next level, totally epic braids. Which is exactly what we found for our hairband braid guide. Scroll through for the braid inspiration you need this season!


My hair routine is usually pretty basic: I wash my hair, braid it, and let it be. Kind of boring, right? But on the odd occasion, I find it nice to add something a bit different to my typical look – like an easy braided hairband.

Holiday parties in particular are a perfect excuse to try out a new hairstyle and have a bit more fun with your look. And, since the holidays are right around the corner I thought it was the perfect time to share my super simple and Easy Hairband Braid Tutorial.


If you’re like me and tend to stick to the basics with your hairstyling, than you’re going to love this tutorial because it is so simple and so easy to recreate at home. There are so many braid tutorials out there that I love, but when I’ve tried them out myself I feel like I need an instructor and some helping hands nearby to actually create the look. The fact is if I need assistance creating a hairstyle, I probably will just pass on it altogether.


I can honestly say that this hair style takes me less than 10 minutes to complete, and that includes the time I spend curling my hair after I get the braid in place. Also, you won’t need to ask for a friend or family member help – this hairstyle is a 1-person job! Easy peasy, right?



Blonde hair is very easy to make it look like a princess style.But the colorful hair will never lose anyway.You can try modern red and brown and then make a perfect hairband braid!

43a93af5cf3f06238d1f2ea5bd4b830a waterfall-braid-bridal-hairstyles

Street style is always of our most interest.Don’t you want be jealously talked by the passer-by or be taken pics by the photographers?Can’t wait to walk out on the street!

b7a8d4b7b0fcf0198e70bddd8e10632f 30400cae6373a58542dbe4d1d6664521

Hairband Braids are mostly for wedding or bride hair with a single bummortment of romantic atmosphere.These can also add some Asian element of style when your hair is piled up high.



A Few Tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to use LOTS of hair clips.
  • Hair Spray will help keep your braid from wiggly around lots, and will hold your hair in place so that the clips and extension clips aren’t visible.


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7 Adorable Hairstyles With Bangs for a week

Never get tired of your fringe! These cute styles prove just how versatile your ‘do is.


Sunday: Bold Braid

Colorful tips of Homemade dip dyed hair

Dip-dyed hairstyles are still a really big deal and this winter, the color fade is back and stronger than ever. It’s time to get to know the best ways to do many tones …


I think it’s extremely vibrant for what it was dying over; a medium brown, adding pink and red to it.


See? It worked just fine!


It has different effect when it comes to curly hair.


Baby pink or weak pink with silver up is one of your best choices!


Other colors like olive green or Lavender Pink play an excellent role of dip dying.



Here,there,very bold colors for you, like the fantasy,the rainbow is always high up the sky.


Short cuts never fall out of date.Try it yourself!



Contrast colors will have great impact on people.Such as cold and warm color.


The combination of red and green is truly creative, DIY!


DonaLoveHair provides the most beautiful and good-texture hair extensions,which can be dyed as you like.


If you just want to try something fun,you’ll find just a little color can make your hair gorgeous!

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Seemly Silver – Remi’s new hair with DonaLoveHair

Remi is one of the most lovely girls who dreams of beautiful color long hair. She has been wanting to dye her hair silver for a while now, but ended up chickening out because everyone told her it would damage/ruin her hair. Around this time last year, she cut her hair super short and realized she can NOT pull it off. She has been growing her hair out ever since and would be really sad if she had to chop it off again.


SO….. She went with the alternative route and ordered a wig from DonaLoveHair.com in silver.

“I did research on wigs for days before buying one. My friend, Jenny, advised me to go with a lace front wig since they’re supposed to look more realistic around your roots. After ordering, it only took four days to come in the mail. “Said Remi.


Her first impression: in love with how silky it was, and the color was absolutely perfect.



She had watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials on how to wear wigs and most people braided their hair to avoid big bumps under the wig.

filehelper_1479112591798_80 filehelper_1479112713895_24

Cute, right? 😉



The front of the wig came with a long lace which covered most of her forehead so she had to cut it along the hairline.Here is how it looked after cutting the lace and putting it on for the first time:



The wig was incredibly long at 24″ so she’s probably going to cut it. The density felt pretty natural, being at “150% heavy”. Also, the texture of the synthetic hair felt very close to human hair. She liked that it wasn’t extremely shiny like some wigs are. It tangles super easily, but I think the length plays a big part in that. Fortunately, it doesn’t shed too much.

Here are some before and after pics.



Overall,she’s super stoked about this purchase.She just need to figure out how she’s going to cut it to a length that is more comfortable with. She don’t trust herself to do the job so she will have to ask a friend.What did you guys think? Maybe you’ll get one, too :)

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10 Super Cool Long Hairstyles that Make You Want to Let Your Hair Down

Long Hairstyles for Women

Straight, sharply-angled strands, supple, touchable curls and soft beach waves are most feminine and beautiful when they are long. This inspirational gallery makes us lock our scissors up and start growing our tresses, but if your hair is already long, you are the lucky one, because these hairstyles and hair colors do beg to be stolen!


1: Long Ash Blonde Hair

Yes, the pixie cut is a popular option for ladies over 40, but it’s not the end-all solution for sexy hair. Keep those locks long and flowy as long as you can. This gorgeous cascade of layers catches the light so well thanks to the expertly done cut and shiny highlights.


2: Gray Layered Hairstyle

Long haircuts for women can be edgy and anything but tame. Adopt a rocker chic vibe with piecey bangs and textured layers. An unexpected hair color can make your whole look feel fresh. Just be sure to pair the dull hue with vibrant makeup shades to enliven your appearance.


3: Voluminous Bubble Gum Waves

Oh hey, gorgeous! That color is yummy enough to eat. Mixing an unnatural color like dark brown with something a bit more natural like strawberry blonde is a surefire way to pull off bright hair successfully. The effect is overwhelmingly sexy, instead of simply overwhelming.


4: Cool-Toned Balayage

Women with long hair need to plan some extra time for hair care. There’s so much hair to brush, wash, and style. That’s where casual, tousled styling comes in. Creating messy, imperfect waves is so much faster than trying to achieve ideal curls on long length hair.


5: Shiny Blonde with Root Fade

The best long hairstyles for women are fuss-free and easy to style. Featuring long side bangs and pretty layers, this look doesn’t require too much mirror time in the AM. Simply use a large-barrel round brush to blow dry the front hair curling it away from the face.


6: Long Vibrant Purple Dip Dye

Black hair is simply gorgeous, especially when it’s well-cared for and moisturized so the deep color can really shine. What’s more, the color is a great base for fun highlights, dip dyes, and peekaboos, especially in purple or red. So, take long dark hair up a notch with your favorite bright shade.

<> at O2 Arena on December 4, 2011 in London, England.

7: Glossy Chocolate Curls

Long haircuts for women should never result in heavy or weighted down locks, which is a common complaint about long hair. The right cut (paired with an excellent blow out) makes long hair feel incredibly light and bouncy. Get regular trims to keep ends crisp and neat.


10:Luscious Curly Dark Hair

For women who are blessed with long, thick hair, it’s essential to choose a cut that boosts the hair texture and helps create some weightless volume. This curly look is absolutely stunning! It can be recreated by blow drying with a diffuser (if your hair is naturally curly) or by curling individual strands and pinning them to set.


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10 Amazing Blue and Purple Hair Ideas

Blue is the color  between violet and green and represents calm. Adding this hair color makes you elegant.


Purple is another color that leave people a sexy impression and never out of style.



Blue and purple are analogous colors, they look harmonious together and do not create a stark contrast. With analogous colors you can create amazing romantic or mysterious color combos to express your inner self.


1: Opal Braid

Opal is popular because it is a birthstone and looks great in jewelry. But, it also serves as inspiration for a hair color thanks to the blend of pink, blue and purple. This trend usually combines blue and purple with light pastel hues for the overall color that is similar to, but softer than, galaxy dye.


2: Mermaid Mane

Mermaid hair is meant to look like the different colors of the ocean. While many people might gravitate towards bright green, purple and blue hair invokes the image of the moon dancing on water at night. It is dark yet colorful at the same time.


3: Geomertric Undercut

Shine bright like a diamond without dropping the cash necessary for the real thing. Take dark blue and purple strands to the edgier territory with a fun undercut design in the shape of the popular gem. Both the shaved section and big braid will add texture to a short cut.


4: Dizzying Double Braid

It’s amazing how color can instantly change the entire vibe of a hairstyle. On its own this double braid would seem demure or conservative, but with the addition of purple, pink and brown it suddenly seems fresh and radical.


5: Starry Spirals

Blue and purple hair doesn’t have to be one-dimensional or overly saturated. This soft mix of galactic hues seems soft and sweet, especially when paired with loose medium curls.


6: Stained Glass Sides

Is there anything more beautiful than looking through a stained glass window on a sunny day? Maybe this hairstyle takes the cake. It’s a balance of proportions with bold primary and secondary colors on the side paired with the soft pastel spirals on top.


7: Rocking Rainbow

If you think rainbow highlights won’t show up on black hair, here is your proof that they will—and they will look awesome. Adding other colors into blue and purple hair creates a shimmering ribbon effect that can’t be missed.



8: Bright Bob

On its own, this heavily layered bob would seem dated or like a “mom cut.” But with the addition of trendy lilac and cobalt hues, it becomes exciting and new. Pair your colorful hairdo with clothing in soft palettes to let it really stand out.


9: Tri-color Fishtail

Instead of dyeing your whole head, try using blue and purple hair as an accent with a bold colored section in the middle of your strands. This can be covered by wearing your hair loose or exposed with a variety of half updos like the braid shown.


10: Chunky Galaxy Highlights

Galaxy hair can also be created with chunky highlights, instead of ombre or multidimensional highlights and lowlights. If you are attempting a new color at home, this would be easier to do with a brush and foil than a more complicated process.


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7 Ways to Keep your Hair Extensions From Drying out

The winter has come and the hair tends to be dry and rough if not be taken a good care of.

Hair extensions are a great invention for those of us who are looking for additional length and volume.Clip in hair extensions are a great way to add length and body to your natural hair.


Moreover, just like your natural hair, extensions must be properly taken care of to keep them looking their best.If not taken care of, your extensions will soon dry out, looking dull and lifeless.

Here are seven things that you can do to keep your clip in hair extensions of Donalovehair from drying out.


Clip in hair extensions are designed to be taken out each day;
they are not made to be worn for several days in a row.


With clip in extensions, you want to wash them in a sink to ensure you get all of the shampoo out of them, but you don’t want to wash them every day as that will cause them to dry out faster.



After cleaning your extensions, you will want to apply a small amount of conditioner every other day and it should be applied gently with a comb.

Conditioner is a great way to keep your extensions from drying out, but never use a leave in conditioner as that will leave your hair looking oily.


You often get what you pay for, so if you are buying cheap hair extensions chances are they get pool quality and will not last.
When buying hair extensions we suggest buying human hair extensions, which is often reflected in the price.
In addition, human hair extensions can be treated just like your own hair.


Blow-drying might speed things up for you, but is also really damaging to your extensions.
Whenever possible allow your extensions to dry naturally.
If you do need to use a blow dryer make sure you talk to a professional about the best way to blow dryer the type of clip in extensions you own.


A big part of protecting your clip in hair extensions is taking care of them.


When storing them, make sure they are clean and 100% dry.
Once dry, place inside an airtight container or even plastic bag.
Store the clip in extensions out of direct sunlight!


With clip in extensions, you want to avoid brushing or combing them out while they are in place.
Take the clip in extensions out and lay them on a flat surface to make brushing easier.


When brushing your extensions always use a wide-teeth brush and work from the ends up, slowly working out the knots.
Never rip or pull the hair, as this will cause the hair to become damaged, as well as fall out.


Extensions made from human hair are able to be styled just as your own hair can be styled, which includes using a flat iron and other heated styling tools.


Overusing these tools will lead to your extensions and regular hair becoming dry and brittle, but a good heat protecting product can help keep your extensions looking their best.


Taking proper care of your hair extensions is the best thing that you can do to prevent them from drying out.

So do not rush or skip any steps that your stylist recommends!

Welcome to www.donalovehair.com here are various wigs ,hair extensions with different colors, styles there always have one can fine you and we accept custom orders too . If you have any question pls feel free to let us know.

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