5 Cotton Candy Hairstyles That Are as Sweet as Can Be

Bright, vivid hair color is unusual and eye-pleasing. One of the best ways to try the trend is by experimenting with the cute cotton candy hair.This blog includes 5 types of most eye-catching  cotton candy hairstyles.See for yourself.

Cotton Candy Hairstyles and Hair Color Ideas

Candy-inspired hair is like your dream hair from a fairytale, a dream that has come true.


1: Sensory Perception

Try a look that’s a treat for the eyes. Go with multi-hued hair that’s colored using the trendy  technique for an effect that’s perfectly prismatic.


2: Taking Sides

Sometimes, with cotton candy hair, you just can’t pick between your two favorite colors. When this happens, split your preferences and dye half and half. That way, no one can say you play favorites.


3: Blue and Beautiful

Cookie Monster may be the inspiration for the all-blue hair look, but this ‘do is anything but monstrous. The periwinkle ends lend an ethereal, fairy-like quality that’s ultra feminine and ultra-pretty.


4: Carefree Color

You only live once, so go nuts on your hair and try every candy color you can think of. Experiment with purple, blue and green lowlights for a sweet look that’s as cool as they get.


5: Punk Princess

Going punk doesn’t mean you need to go dark and moody. Brighten up your edgy look with hot pink and blue hair color. Wearing this sharp asymmetrical undercut, you will look every bit a rockstar.


Now that your eyes have feasted on what cotton candy hair has to offer, you’re probably ready to run to get the wig, right? Well, go for it and make sure you rock that color like no one’s business, I’m sure that the results will be totally yummy.

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